Activity 1a: #Just Start Project

I was reluctant but not really afraid to give an interview when I was called for an internship last summer. I was even reluctant to give interviews for societies induction which were taken by students of same level. I wanted to get interviewed so that I can do my internship there as internships are important for professional learning. Internships give us a chance to have some idea about the industry culture. Main thing is I wanted to give that interview to get an experience.

The things that I needed to do were:

Research about the company

Public Speaking

Company’s Projects

Technical Knowledge

To complete the first task I searched about the company on Google. I made notes of whatever I found.

The next thing was the most difficult. Public speaking I was not good at that. I gave some answers but was not sure about them. Even though I knew some answers but could not explain them in a better way. I searched about company’s ongoing projects from Google. Then I went through some fundamental principles which were asked in almost every interview. I also started watching videos on you tube regarding public speaking. Also subscribed some channels on you tube to enhance my technical knowledge and watch 2 videos daily to boost my technical knowledge.

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