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The project/goal that I wanted to achieve for a long time, since the beginning of my graduation, was to give a presentation in class. It was a new thing for me to come in front of whole class and talk. Most of us
(my friends) have been sitting in class and talking all the time but when it comes to giving a presentation, majority backs away. I had never done this in college, because I never have to. There was no such trend we just had to come and study. I also never gave myself any chance to do that. And when I came to university and my communication skills teacher gave me an opportunity to present something in class I simply backed away from this opportunity, because at that time I have not realized its importance.
 Why I wanted to do this? As the time went on and I talked to more and more people in my university and some friends from other universities they always told me that, these presentation skills are very important in professional life and it is of no use to run away from them. So I decided to give it a try whenever I get a chance. By that time one half year (3 semesters) had passed. Both courses of communication skills had gone by. The other thing that drove me towards this was, whenever I went to some seminar I always thought about the speaker there, he was also a sort of presenter and I desired to be like him. Simply I just wanted to come out of that comfort zone that I myself had created in this period.
 I faced some challenges when it comes to presentation. One of them was lack of confidence, I feared the most when anyone asked me to come in front of the class. Then teacher told a lot of things about presentation skills that I could not understand. Then there were some silly things that I kept in mind for example I used to worry about How shall I be dressed. It was also in mind that that I am not that good so others will ridicule me if I give presentation.
 In my communication skill courses I did not give any presentation. In last semester (7th semester) I gave a presentation. Things that I did were
 Topic Selection
 Data Collection
 Presentation Making
 I somehow selected a topic then problem was of data collection related to my topic. To add to my difficulties I could not find enough data. Then I downloaded an already made presentation from Google, edited it and presented it in front of the class. I tried to memorize it because I was said that while giving presentation you must have eye contact with the audience. And doing this I forgot the last part of my presentation.
 I learned a lot of things from this experience. I got some idea about collecting the data even though I was unable to collect much of it but I think that was enough. I learned some things about power point by spending lot of time on it before getting presentation from Google. I somehow overcame my fear of coming in front and face the audience. It gave me a chance of self-realization. I realized that I have a lot to improve and I can’t escape.
 Now I want to make things clear. Now my attitude towards presentation has changed a lot. But I still need to improve. I need to know how to collect data effectively. After this I gave another presentation it a lot better than the first one. How I can present effectively.

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