My JustStart Project.

My justStart Project was to help other people to think about yourself,you are responsible for everything everything is happening in your life just because you let it happen. Simply to communicate others i need a forum or some kind of platform where i can address others and make them realize to think.So i decided to become a presenter and i have given a lot of time and waited a lot sometimes i felt broken but i kept going.

The challenges i have faced achieving this goal was a typical system in the organisation it was not easy to prove myself because no one was ready to give me this opportunity every time i asked for just only one chance let me in,let me in,let me in, I faced rejection most of time. But i knew myself i can do this and finally i had gotten that chance and i made an remarkable impact at my initial stages and i’m working very hard.

My experience was great. I come to this field to motivate others but just going through this challenge it was me who got motivated most and i become more strong emotionally and mentally. when i’ve observed others,their life,their problems, so it helped me a lot to become stronger.

I have learned that there’s nothing impossible you can use your weaknesses as your strength and you can achieve any level you want but first of all you have to take that first step. you have brain in your head and you have foot you can steer any direction you want. Just take the first step.

My next step is to go up the next level maybe a bigger picture and i want to address at broad level Next step is to add value to the ladder of my life.