Reaching out to your friends.

Reaching to your friends activity

There’s no doubt about that your friends can tell a lot about yourself and i have some of them. I’ll be sharing their thoughts or what they think my strengths are or what they have observed in me. when i was at my best.

She was my class fellow.

Amna Shahid was my class fellow she said My words and the way i express myself and having a positive direction in my mind is my strength.

She goes by the name of Nimra.

Nimra and i met at university eve and have become very good friends she said that I have a strength of encouraging others and cheering them up for life.

She’s my Listener and friend as well.

Aqsa believe that i have a strength of some positive approach to accept all circumstances it could be failures and power of controls one’s behavior.

Sara Ejaz She was my group fellow.

Sara ejaz said that i have strength that people are influenced by me.

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