Everything You need to Know about LG G-5

The LG G5 features a transforming design with a slight up battery and modular functionality. The LG G5 was announced a couple weeks ago at Mobile Rock Congress and T-Mobile was nice enough to give me one in advance so I can bring you guys our full review. So, let’s get to it!

The LG G5 has distinguished from its predecessors by its aluminum chassis and focus on modularity. The lower housing which contains the battery can be removed from the bottom of the device and replaced by alternative add-on modules that provide additional functions such as a camera grip or high fidelity audio module, more on those later though. The G5 is constructed with an aluminum unibody chassis available in silver, gold, graphite and pink finishes. It’s smaller than last year’s model, making it feel like more comfortable

version of the Nexus 6p, and that’s not a bad thing. A micro dazing process was used to conceal the seams required for the antenna, which means that are not unsightly antenna bands around the rectangular protrusion houses the camera components and on the bottom you’ll find an USB type C connector for charging and syncing. Unlike previous G models, the G5 volume buttons removed from the back of the device, they can now be found on the left hand side of the device in the form of a volume rocker. The circular power button which now also contains the fingerprint reader remains on the rear.

Now as I mentioned the lower portion of the device serves as a battery tray, it can be detached to remove or replace the battery as well as install add-on modules to add additional functionality, the battery plugs into these modules which is reinserted to replace the stuck battery tray. I found the G5 performance to be excellent on the T-Mobile unit that I’ve been testing, animations flow smoothly, the phone reacts immediately, and the camera

is basically instantaneous, credits for that goes to QUALCOMM’s new top tier snap dragon 820 chips set, which is accompanied by 4GB of RAM inside the G5, speaking of the camera, LG now actually offers 2 of them on the back, a regular 16 Megapixel camera and an additional 135 degree wide angle 8 Megapixel camera, these can be used individually with a letter offering a wider more panoramic view to better capture grand architecture or suiting vistas, or they can work together to create some fun combinations of layering, switching between the 2 cameras is super quick, and together with LG established shrinking and camera software I think is a positive change. Jumping into space for a moment with the LG G5 ships with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, on front you got a 5.3 inch 1440 P IPS display, which equates to a 2560 by 1440 resolution.

I already mentioned the QUALCOMM snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM and the dual cameras on the rear. On front you got an 8 Megapixel camera with an F 2.0 aperture, this is all powered on the inside by a 28 hundred million power battery, by default the LG G5 ships by 32 Gigabytes of internal storage which is expandable via a microSD up to 2 Terabytes. Yes, up to 2 terabytes… Of course you have to wait until 2 terabytes micro SD cards are available but, when they are you can use them here. One unique function of the 5.3 inch display is the always-on mechanism and that persistently displays a clock and notifications either when the device is in standby, this allows you to see the time, dates, and important notifications out a glance without waking the phone, as mentioned the LG G5 ships with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is the latest Android operating system out of Google. LG says that due to the confusion between removing shortcuts to apps and uninstall them entirely the G5 home screen does not feature an app door out of the box, instead all apps are placed on pages of the main home screen similar to what you find on iOS and other costumed Android distributions, additionally the G5 also doesn’t support the Android Marshmallow adapted store feature which lets you format external storage and have it treated as permanent internal storage.

Now, earlier I mentioned the modular add-ons which LG refers to as Friends, I haven’t got any opportunity to try any out yet, but here is what you can expect… There is the LG cam plus which is a more comfortable way to take pictures, it adds a grip to the rear of the device to incorporate physical camera controls, a jogger for zoom, as well as supplementary battery life. There is also the LG hi5 plus, which is a collaboration between LG and Bang & Olufsen which adds a deck, and amplifier, digital stream, digital audio support, an up sampling, and is bundled with Bang & Olufsen play h3 airbuds.

Other accessories include the LG 360 cam which allows you to capture 360 degrees photos and videos, the LG 360 VR, which allows you to watch those 360 degrees photos and videos in a portable and lightweight device that attaches to the phone’s USB C port, and the LG rolling Bot that kindly goes around and takes 8 Megapixel pictures and 10 MP videos, controls your TV, can control your air conditioning, it can even use a leisure bot to play with your pet, but that one won’t be out for like 5 or 6 months. All these devices are managed by the LG Friends manager application on the device, which automatically pairs and synchronizes with them for easy set up.

The LG G5 and some of its Friends accessories will be available globally in the beginning of April. And there you have it guys that was the look at the new LG G5 smartphone, it will be available for purchasing early April along with some of those LG G5 Friends accessories that I mentioned during the course of the review.

Now, if you have any questions about the LG G5 that I didn’t address in the review, feel free to leave them in the comment section below I’ll meet you down there and if I get enough of them I’ll do a follow up 2 NA video specifically addressing the things you wanna know about the LG G5. I’ll leave links in the description to all the carries that are carrying the LG G5 so you can place your orders and big shout of the T-Mobile for sending over there the LG G5 on almost a month early so we can bring you this review.

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