The Vodafone Smart Ultra 7

The Vodafone Smart ultra 7 which is Vodafone’s latest iteration of its Smart ultra lineup. The design of the smartphone is an all plastic construction to keep the cost down to £135, but it’s not necessarily a cheap feeling plastic, and it certainly doesn’t look cheap either.

On the front of the device we of course have the 5.5 inch display which I will cover in a bit more detail later. Below that we have the navigation buttons, a capacitive back and multitasking button

but a physical home button which I think could be a bit more tactile as sometimes when I press the button it doesn’t actually register the click. Also on the front of the device we have the front facing camera which has a front facing flash which I wasn’t expecting and that’s quite interesting. There’s also a subtle notification light which I think is quite nice and it’s not ridiculously obtrusive.

The sides of the device are extremely sleek and clean with the volume rockers and the power on button on the right hand side, these buttons have a tactile texture on them which helps for grip but I did occasionally find myself hitting the power button instead of the volume button and vice versa. But now onto the back of the device, and the back has a grippy plastic which features a geometric pattern on it.

Here we can see the rear facing camera and also the two tone flash and once you take off the back, as the back cover is actually removable, you can change out your SIM, add extra storage with a microSD card to expand the inbuilt 10GB of storage. But you cannot change out the battery as it is fixed in place.

Onto the display and the display is a 1080p 5.5 inch display and it’s nice and sharp to look at, and it’s also quite vivid and the colours look great which is nice for a phone at such a low price bracket. But a small issue that I noticed was that the viewing angles aren’t the best and you can actually see on the video that the colours are a bit off whilst the screen is looked at from an angle.

Now onto the camera, and I have quite a lot to say about the camera. So, it’s not amazing for the phone and I feel like this is part of the phone which has been cut to save costs and keep the device at a cheap price, the front facing camera is 5 megapixels and it isn’t brilliant, and it’s not that sharp and it’s actually fairly blurry and distorted around the edges, so if you’re going to be taking a lot of selfies this probably isn’t going to be the camera phone for you.

The rear facing camera on the back is 13 megapixels and is a little better although there is a lot of sharpening going into the images that are being shot and this can really be noticed when the photos are viewed at 100 percent. The photos also look a little desaturated in my opinion. I also think that the camera struggles to capture a lot of detail and this can be seen in the landscape photos that are taken and in the sample video. Video is decent, it shoots at 1080p at 30fps and like the photos it also struggles to capture a lot of detail.

The overall performance of doing daily tasks on this device is great, app transitions are smooth and the entire operating system is responsive and does not feel laggy at all. I’ve had a few app crashes over the course of using the device but these were mainly from Snapchat, but otherwise it’s great. Gaming is also pretty good on the device, platformers like Leo’s Fortune play great but if you’re looking to play more intense titles like Asphalt 8 you’re going to find a laggy experience because of the graphical effects.

So to summarise that point, the phone is not a graphical workhorse, but for a bit of casual gaming it’s great. I also found battery life very impressive on this phone and I can easily get a full day of usage on the device and there’s easily 30 or 40 percent left which means that you don’t have to worry about charging the phone overnight as much, and if you do forget to charge it it’s not going to be a disaster. This is thanks to the non-removable 2960mAh battery that powers the device, which is a much bigger battery that some of the larger manufacturers include in their devices.

So overall the Vodafone smart ultra 7 is a great budget smartphone from Vodafone coming in at £135 on pay as you go, and just £16 a month with a contract, and I think it’s certainly a great phone considering its price tag.

It does have its flaws, but they’re certainly not dealbreakers. So that’s been it for this video, thanks to Vodafone for sending this out for review and I will see you in the next one, thanks for watching.