Edhi sb, Khudi and Self Learning

Self-Learning :)

When edhi was at the age of school his mother give him 2 rupees , she said edhi one rupee for you and other is those who are needy for this . in this way thinking is produced to help those needy people .in first time many difficulties faced but his working and passion is very high so after too many struggle he achieved his goal .he open too many care center and he bought the challenges and continued his work.

Now relate my experience with edhi shb ,when I was at age of matriculation I meet a person by chance ,he passed his intermediate exam with MATH , he got 900 something marks out of 1100 but he did not get admission ,when I asked what is main reason behind this ,he told me I have not too many rupees to get admission .on this day I had decided that I help the needy student . After 2 years I passes FSc exam and I arranged a meeting of my friend and told him all the previous story and asked any person work witj me ,have any body passion like me .three or 4 my friend work with me .now we started work .meet with those people who donate money ..but in this time I faced too many problem like umar Farooq collect the rupees for his team .but my and my friend continued his working after 1 years we open a office in my city . who come here who have study problem or ,money problem for admission or books etc.

Khudi mean self confidence. Self confidence is main thing to any thing .if you have not self confidence then you cannot do any task . our nation poet allama Iqbal stress on khudi .khudi is selfness which we make our self a ggod person . is self confidence is more then we can say that we do any kind of difficult task .if khudi is week then we are pressurized under society . khudi is main role in failure and we work more after failure .Self learning is more important in every field of life .self learning is main role in our progress with help of self learning we know that this thing is better for me nor not so self learning qualities should be better . in amal we should learning main thing is self learning.