Different people will define it according to situations they are suffering in their life .Some consider it as full of tentions,worries.sufferings and some take it as a routine like other people who have spend thier life.But heighest level of maturity is to consider LIFE is as most beautiful gift of ALLAH.As long as you are alive you can do every thing infact you can try for every thing.Every thing cant be achieved from hard work .Some things have been destined ,you just have to wait for the right time & it will surely come.

Never waste precious time of your life in taking tensions,to be worry always just thanks to ALLAH who has given u eyes to see most beautiful things of nature ,ears to hear pleasant voices etc.

Just know yourself other wise this world has strongest magnet which will never let us to ignore it.Listen sounds of your innerself .

A beautiful creature of Allah made me to love myself ,love my life ,love to my ALLAH. Umar is just nothing. Umar is name of keep trying inspite of all struggles,hardships,failures.Thanks for introducing me to my self.Allah bless you.