Life A word. What does it mean??? Every person will have its own definition about life . But most of us dnt even think about it . Highest level of maturity about life is to take it as beautiful gift of Allah. If we are alive we can do almost anything in life ,we are destined for .

But many of us are just spending it . We have expectation about life . But with passage of time these expectations will change into wists. And that will be the biggest shock in one’s life.

Make your life beautiful . Care for it . But never love it because we have been sent here for fixed time . As our role in this world will over, we will be no longer here .

One important key for a happy life is to never stop. As stagnant water starts smelling same as with us . Trust your Allah and keep moving . He will surely open new gates for you .

In university life people like me suffer a lot. We always resist changes and environment that doesn't suits us . We can never accept changes against their conscience . But on the other hand people who can adept themselves in every environment are getting things easier for them.

Women ,one of the toughest puzzle of nature that can hardly be solved .

You have been destined for someone . Falling in some kind of love with some one who doesn't have care for is just like wasting this beautiful life . Just respect her feelings and let her go. True love is beyond our expectations .

Women on the other hand also need to consider this matter . We are Muslims . A tree is nothing without his roots same is with us ,we are nothing without Islam.

At the end of the day you will be an old person sitting on a chair thinking about your life which has been passed . Just think about it ???? Ask your hear . He is the best guider for you in every decision.

Iwas deep like a canal but you have made me deep like an ocean. Thanks for every glimpse of you. Dnt loose your innocence . Have a happy life.

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