Lesson from outdoor session

In the last session of Amal. We went to visit the Safari park and Bharia town. It was a great experience for me. and a good change for sessions as there were continuous 4 hour sessions for the long period of three months. In session most interesting thing was people having a new personality. I saw some of the fellows so happy and so full of life when it felt that was little less during the session that may be due to some shyness but I could see the real of them and that made me realize one thing that sometime a person’s personality just changes when a new and more relaxed environment is provided.

Me (Umar) and Akhtar enjoying paddle boat in lake

Its a great experience to be in such an activity. Although I have been to the bharia town before but the feeling was different with the Amal fellows. and enjoyed and learned a lot being the tour guide. the facts about eiffel tower I learned for being guide I never knew when I visited that place last time.

In life there are times when we just want to work and work and think that we will enjoy once we have everything, well that’s a long way to go and life is not that long. there is an immense beauty of nature and company of fellows and friends. that is way more valuable then that of work and desire of building the materialistic world may sound like. I personally think there should be a balance, in life for which one may find a purpose to live not only to build an empire but also to thank for this beautiful life bestowed upon us.

Bharia mosque a mark of beauty and architect
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