Graphic of the the Emerging Managers Fundraising Playbook

The Emerging Managers Guide to Fundraising

Umar Brimah
2 min readApr 20, 2022


Raising a fund can be an extremely daunting task with little to no direction given to first-timers..

..and when it comes to lack of diversity in venture much can be gained by creating free resources to help educate those who did not come from well-connected backgrounds or have the resources for ivy league education.

Resolving this issue is a big passion of mine, so recently I took on the opportunity to create a playbook for emerging managers.

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to interview a range of fund managers, get an understanding of what it takes to raise your first fund, and synthesize those learnings in a 13-page document aimed a helping anyone go from zero to one.

The playbook covers the following:

  • Critical Success Factors
  • Team Capabilities
  • Fund Design
  • Fund Type
  • Fund Status
  • Fundraising Campaign
  • Types of Limited Partners
  • Outreach

I’d like to specifically acknowledge Chris DN, Elizabeth Yin, Helene Servillon, Henri Pierre-Jacques, Jake O’Shea, Jonathan Li, Kelsi Kamin, Landon Ainge, and McKeever (Mac) Conwell,II for taking the time to share their experiences with me.

All of these individuals either started their own fund or played hands-on roles in the fundraising process at their respective fund.

With their insights, I was able to put together a playbook covering fund design, fund types, campaigning, critical success factors, and more to help those interested go from zero to one.

I’m very excited to share the product of a few months of researching, interviewing, playing email tag, and designing.

Click the link below to get your copy! 🚀




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