Nigeria is more like an example of a man that lived recklessly at a time in it’s youth days. Like a child who inherited what was left by a guardian father. However, that child had a few glorious moments of memorable times. Until he/she chose to hire their chauffeurs without proper interviews and CV checks. And letting them drive recklessly hitting all the barriers and breaking all the traffic rules. Though they survived the carelessness and recklessness... they were left fractured and bruised in many ways.

And while on their sick beds they found out how much they needed to survive, and how necessary they needed to get fixed and driven to the promise land by a keenly experienced chauffeur. Yet in the process of healing they have to endure. Sadly they weren’t ready for that! So with every sting of pain they scream so loud and blame the medics struggling to mend their ills. And the driver that is doing all to keep the engine revving and the vehicle moving...though slowly and with certain stops for engine safety checks.

The journey must go on and the healing process needs to be endured. If indeed what we seek is real recovery... and a life in the future with less fear for tomorrow. With that we all hope to age, graciously.


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