Yes The First Lady Wore English Dress. What’s The Big Deal About It?

“The right of freedom of thought and its expression, when enjoyed by the really educated, enlightened, morally elevated and spiritually sophisticated persons, opens new vistas to the realm of learning and knowledge, culture and civilization, and ultimately, in the realization of the realities of existence and the universe. This been the case, an independent thinker with positive intentions, becomes the Columbus of the un-chartered recesses of human mind and adds a new density and dimension to our feelings and thoughts and lends a new lustre and dignity to the stock of human learning and culture.

However, when the right of freedom of thought is exercised by the laity or the common man, devoid of a higher sense of destiny and its own ideology and identity, he indulges only in "opinion-mongering" and thus, contributes only to the already piled up mess in the society.”

A prime example of those who freedom of expression is a wasted privilege are those who want to dictate and punctuate how others should live their life. This kind of gutter-thinking often comes about from a politically motivated individuals who, in lieu of choosing the right and reasonable path, always go for the easy and political path.

Let me illustrate the point above and clarify the current issue.

Readily coming to my mind is recent hullabaloo about the first lady’s trip to US. The comments on the political spectrum ranges from those evaluating her base on her personal choice of outfit and expressing strong philippic, down to those who, on the other side of the spectrum band, find themselves defending her against the former. Personally, I will unequivocally side with the latter.

It is perfectly understandable and profoundly agreeable to express one’s legitimate contemptuous towards anything, anyone and everyone. But what is wrong is to seek to control the way others want to live their lives and imposing on them what we think is best for them, or coercing them to be other than themselves because we probably think we know them better than they know themselves or perhaps because we have a more superior argument.

We’ve been reminded, prodded, and also made to remind others time and again not to use past administration(s) as a yardstick to measure the current administration’s success or failure.

Frankly, I’m disappointed seeing those on the forefront advising us doing otherwise. Amina is Amina and Aisha is Aisha. If Amina did it or is doing it, it doesn’t necessarily denotes that Aisha must also do it. Aisha might have done a lot — while you’re oblivion. So let everyone bear her name. We are all humans, not all of us have the same inclinations and not all of us think the same.