Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions

By Umar Lee

​My Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions

Group A

Jon Snow: After being told by Bran he's actually a Targaryen the Emo King in the North gives up his crown and heads north to fight the White Walkers with an army he's put together. At some point he meets Daenerys Targaryen.


Bran is coming back to Winterfell like Maury Povich revealing secrets. The real identity of Jon, the threat of the dragons and the White Walkers, and the details of the life and death of Ned Stark.


At some point, with the help of Lord Petyr Baelish, she'll turn against Jon. She'll sleep with Littlefinger, perhaps getting married, and the romance will be short lived. As the Queen of the North she'll turn her forces towards Kings Landing in a bid to take the Iron Throne.


She'll return to Winterfell and there will be a touching family reunion. Then, after learning the truth, she'll kill Littlefinger. Then head south for revenge where she'll reunite with Gendry, possibly marrying him, and also reunite with her buddy The Hound. They'll be friends. She will kill Lady Milasandre.

The Wall

It will come crashing down with the Ice Dragon inside joining the Army of the Dead.

The White Walkers

They'll cross the wall destroying the Night's Watch and routing Jon's ragtag forces. Although Jon will escape.

Group B


She will increasingly mimic the mad king. Surrounded by enemies she'll increasingly rely on wild fire. After facing numerous military defeats and continuously making maddening decisions she will lose her life to her brother in the final episode.


He'll be routed in a battle with the Dothrakis alongside the forces of Randall Tarly who will die. He'll watch Bron be killed. He'll then flee back to Kings Landing.

Brianne and Pod: They will both be killed in battle. She will see Jamie at some point.

The Greyjoys: Euron will ride to the aid of Cersei. The forces of Yara will meet the forces of Euron in a naval battle in the Blackwater. The forces of Euron will prevail. Yara and Theon will die. Although the forces of Euron won't survive in tact.

Group C

Daenerys Targaryen

She will land at Dragonstone and join forces with Lady Melisandre. Her armies and Dragons will pillage, burn, and slaughter Westeros. She will increasingly become intoxicated with power. When Jon Snow presents her with the opportunity to head north and fight the real war she will decline in order to head south and attempt to take the iron throne.

Tyrion Lannister

By the end of the season he will be trying to figure out how to stop Daenerys Targaryen and kill the dragons who are killing and burning by the tens of thousands

The Unsullied

They will take Casterly Rock and route the Lannister house robbing them of a homeland.


We can expect a love scene between her and Grey Worm

The Dragons

As Weapons of Mass Destruction they will murder and burn. One will possibly be killed.

Tyrell and Sandsnakes

They'll be killed together.

Lord Varys

He will reveal the hidden Targaryen in the final show ie Rhaegar.

Group D

Sam and Gilly

Sam and Gilly will be studying at the Citadel and discover how to kill the white walkers and how to kill the dragons.

Ser Jorah

He will be cured of his disease by Sam.

The Iron Bank

I'm not sure there is enough time in the show for them to make a major appearance but I do expect to see them

The Faceless Men

I don't expect to see them

The Brotherhood Without Banners and

The Wildlings

They will join Jon Snow to head north and fight the real war

And this is from the podcast .

Tune in to tell me I'm wrong