Northern Virginia Imam Calls For Female Genital Mutilation in Speech At “911 Mosque”

By Umar Lee

Imam Shaker Elsayed of the Dar al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia just outside of Washington, DC is in hot water after video has surfaced of him justifying female genital mutilation in a recent talk.

If Dar al Hijrah rings a bell it may be because of one of the following reasons:

The mosque has a long history with Hamas members and operatives including prominent Hamas leader Dr. Musa Abu Marzouk.

Current Hamas politician and ideologue Ahmed Youssef was a longtime worshipper at the mosque and prominent figure.

Anwar al-Awlaki the former leader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was the Imam at Dar al Hijrah before leaving for Yemen and being killed in an American drone strike. Below is a photo of Anwar at the mosque

At least two of the 9–11 hijackers spent time at Dar al Hijrah.

Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hasan was a regular at Dar al Hijrah. (Hasan pictured below)

There have been numerous other terror arrests and convictions out of Dar al Hijrah the above are just the most prominent.

In response to the FGM talk by Imam Shaker Elsayed numerous American-Muslim leaders are calling for his resignation. This includes fellow Dar al Hijrah Imam Johari Abdul-Malik who is reportedly threatening to resign if Shaker isn’t fired.

Before becoming imam at Dar al Hijrah Shaker Elsayed was a longtime activist and official with various Muslim Brotherhood related entities including the Muslim American Society. As of now Elsayed is reportedly holding firm and refusing to apologize or resign. Here is a piece documenting ElSayed’s longtime support for Hamas.

Dar al Hijrah for its part issued a weak legalistic half-hearted apology of sorts.

This latest saga just begs the question- is it of benefit to anyone for Dar al Hijrah to remain open? (To clarify I’m not calling for the mosque to be forcibly shut down. The leadership needs to voluntarily pull the plug to avoid further human suffering.)