learning self abilities from friends.

I contact with my best buddies specially to learn about my hidden and known abilities. I am very hard worker to achieve my tasks and goals. According to them I am sensible and temperamentally strong. I am very good to work with people and to explore more out of myself in team work. I am an all-rounder and can work different type’s o f tasks. I am very regular and punctual to attend classes and will be in my work place as well. I am very supportive to people whenever someone needs my help. I am a person who is very trust worthy for people. I am very glad to know about my skills and abilities about them earlier were not aware of. I did an internship in July- august-2014 for six week in MASOOD TEXTILE MILLS Faisalabad. There I have worked in a very productive environment. I contact few of colleagues who were working alongside me and they were permanent employees there. I asked them about my abilities and they replies now that I was a quick learner and was best of the internees who were working there. I was punctual, hard worker, and eager to learn something new and excited to going through such an environment. I also have a detailed discussion with my family members and cousins and ask them about my abilities. I am very surprised to know that they believe on me and rated me as a hard worker, obedient and role model for some of the children’s to be motivated from me. They also tell me that I am very intelligent and hard working and normally on time to complete any tasks given to me by them. So overall it was great experience to know about myself from people who are very close to me and I have learned a lot and make sure to be like this in my professional life as well and be successful.


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