Resources Lost During Conflict are Resources Lost for Development #notanothernigerian

Extremism has fuelled violence in the country for nearly a decade now, and has claimed thousands of lives and displaced millions in the north eastern part of Nigeria. Resources lost during this conflict are resources lost for development. Borno, yobe and adamawa states have been the worst hit by this menace as it crippled the economic activities of the region, slowdown the rate of development and left a lot of people helpless which constitute of many women and children.
The aspiration to peace is the cornerstone of our pioneering life and labor and the youths are the pivotal tools for sustainable peace in the north east, therefore the need for the youths to change their mindset for creativity, be committed to building peace together and avoid hooliganism, forgery and other activities that will alter peace in the society.The youths represent the society as a whole and therefore they need a lot of support and encouragement from the society.
Finally, i am optimistic that if the youths will change for good then in spite of all the challenges confronting us in the north east, in not too distant future the north east will raise again and #notanothernigerian will be killed or displaced.