5 Reasons Why Marketers Should Consider a UX Agency

Many of you have heard about UX (user experience), but are still unsure of what it means, why it’s important and how it can help you. It’s something that anyone responsible for web content can’t ignore, and we’ve put together a list of reasons to help you understand why you should consider working with a UX agency for your next project.

1. You will create the best possible user experience.

Successful websites — those sites that people love visiting — all have something in common. They manage to balance user needs with business goals. UX specialists understand that, and they are experts at creating that balance. They will even go as far to say that user needs must always come first. It makes sense. No matter what your business goals may be, if your customer can’t easily get what they need from your site, they’ll leave and visit your competitor.

So, is your site meeting your customer’s needs? Can you list the top three things they want from your site right now? Not what you want them to want, but what they actually want. How confident are you in how easy or difficult it is for people to use your site? A UX specialist can help you answer these questions. They’ll take an educated, evidence-based approach that will tell you what your customer wants, whether or not you’re giving it to them, and how easy it is for your customer to get that information.

They’ll support you in asking the right questions about presenting your products and services. Do people need them? Do they understand them? Will they do what they’re supposed to? Will they save time or money? Might they provide pleasure and delight?

They’ll also offer a holistic view — they look at the big picture, all the channels, and all the devices. They’ll do the research and study the details that make it work for your user. All, so that they can offer you an integrated design that fills a need.

2. You will be involved in and consulted during the process.

UX firms practice what they preach. They recognize you as the “user” of their service, and they want to create the best possible experience for you, and they will collaborate with you, step-by-step to get it right at every stage of the process.

Your project will be seen as a specific problem to be solved, and every step of the process is going to be tailored to solving that problem. The teams put in solid, creative forethought before workshops and meetings to ensure that you participate, are engaged and involved. They may encourage you to observe user testing where you’ll see that your users aren’t just like you, and you may even be surprised as to how some people try to use your site. But most importantly, they’ll take the time to guide you along way to ensure that you stay informed of how and why decisions being made.

They’ll make your day-to-day life easier, too. They’ll explain how user testing can help settle internal debates, and their evidence-based decisions will help you champion your project internally. From kick-off to project end, you will have a consistent, reliable experience.

3. You have complex challenges and need someone who understands them.

What you may see as overwhelming and complicated, a UX specialist will see as a problem waiting to be solved. If you’re facing a big project like making your site responsive, or accessible, or if you’re managing an omni-channel product launch, chances are good that they have already successfully worked through it with another client. The solution to your situation won’t be exactly the same. It will depend on your product, your users, your requirements and constraints, but a UX specialist can apply their previous experience to create a solution specific to you.

4. You will better understand the people who use your website.

Who visits your site most often? What are they looking for? What problems are they encountering? Why do they stay on one page and abandon another? What could make their experience better?

UX agencies answer these questions with design-focused consultation and research methods that investigate actual user behavior ­ — what people actually do, rather than what they say or think. They understand habits and preferences and how to design and create the content that your customers want. They may even point out that sometimes the people who actually visit your site aren’t even on your radar.

5. You care about the end product, and so should your designers.

Good UX agencies genuinely care about how people use your site. They also understand that your site’s success is based on conversion or task completion. That’s why they do all the solid, upfront research and thinking, and take the time to map out your user’s best path. They will test on real people so they’re going to be able to tell you where your users succeed and where they get stuck.

They’re going to look at your competition and explain why they do what they do, and whether or not it works. They do it because they want to make your site, and your ROI, better. They do it because they care about technology, and they care about people.

Still wondering about the top three things people want from your site? Do you want to change the user experience of your site or technology based products? Contact Anita, anita@usabilitymatters.com.