Design Thinking — UrbanGo Mobility App

  1. 3 out of 5 users said that they purchase the tickets from either ticket counter or vending machine and the other 2 (locals) only purchase from ticket counter.
  2. All 3 users using vending machine complained about machine breakdowns causing trouble in booking the tickets.
  3. All 5 users believed that the queue at the counter is long and frustrating.
  4. 3 out of 5 users who were travelling from abroad faced language difficulties as vending machine did not have an option to choose other languages. Moreover, personnel at the ticket counter only spoke local language, making it hard for them to communicate.
  5. 4 out of 5 users preferred making the payments from card instead of cash.
  6. Users from abroad complained about unclear rates since the payment was charged in local currency, making it difficult for them to understand the actual amount they are paying in their own currency.
  7. 4 out of 5 users who used card as mode of payment complained about receiving refunds in considerable amount of days when the transaction is reversed.
  1. Over-crowdedness at the counters.
  2. Vending machine breakdowns.
  3. Communication gap.
  4. Unclear payment amount due to variable exchange rate.
  1. Integration of Google Maps into the UrbanGo app which could provide real-time feedback about crowdedness as well as integration of Google Translate to eliminate the communication gap.
  2. Adding an extra feature to the UrbanGo app which includes a new tool enabling users to purchase tickets via app.
  1. Option for users to select the language.
  2. Users would be asked to enter the details such as Origin, Destination, Date, Time and Number of tickets. Based on the information entered, the app would automatically pick the right ticket for purchase.
  3. Once the ticket has been selected, app will take the user to payment confirmation screen where the user will have the option to change the amount to desired currency based on updated exchange rate.
  4. Once the user has paid the amount, a QR Code will be generated to verification of the ticket.
Prototype of ticket selection and payment screens
  1. Conducting interviews is the most essential part in design thinking since it is very important to understand what the problem is before coming up with a solution.
  2. Customer empathy leads to delivering the right product or service so every step taken in the entire process should only revolve around customer needs.
  3. Prototypes are a very good way of putting your idea into the first phase of execution.
  4. Any solution provided should be realistically executable.




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