Expert Advice for Summer Hair

Summer is here! Before you step out for some fun in the sun, we wanted to give you some tips to protect your hair from the damage the sun’s rays can cause:

Remember, hair is dead, so it will not burn like your skin. The sun will make the hair dry and feel brittle. Never forget to protect your scalp from the sun’s burning rays. A sunburn on the scalp can be painful, it can blister, flake and itch. Apply sunscreen to your scalp, sunscreens have an energy that we cannot see, they absorb the heat and flip over acting like an umbrella to the scalp!

Many people will put on a hat and think they’re protected, but wearing a hat alone is not enough protection. Many summer hats are an open weave leaving opportunities for the sun to penetrate, in addition, we often take a hat off when it gets too hot, or if one goes for a swim.

To help protect your hair from the sun’s rays, use a shampoo with a UV filter and color protection. Every Umberto Shampoo & Conditioner contains a UV Filter and a color protecting complex of Vitamin E, Jojoba and Sunflower Seed extract. We also suggest you use it regularly during the summertime to help protect your hair color from fading.

Another way to protect your scalp from sunburn is to wear your hair styled on top of your head, to minimize the amount of exposed scalp.

Silicone has gotten a bad rap because some say it coats the hair and weighs it down, but surprisingly, silicone is a friend to hair in summertime. In summer, silicone repels heat and protects the hair like a shield.

After swimming always rinse your hair of chlorine and salt water, these can be harsh and make the hair feel brittle. The PH is high in colored hair so the cuticle is open, causing it to absorb salt and Chlorine which have a tendency to discolor the hair. It is good practice in summer to rinse with vinegar. This will take out the discoloration or use a clarifying shampoo. After using a clarifying shampoo or vinegar rinse, it is important to condition.

Put a masque on dry hair before swimming it can create a barrier protecting hair from the salt and chlorine, like a bathing cap.

Masques can also be used in the summer as a styling conditioner on the go, when wearing your hair slicked back or in a ponytail.

Have some summer hair tips of your own? Share them in the comments section below.

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