Making GoSherpy — Part 5


Here we are again!

So in the last chapter I wrote about our summer and our last pre release movements. The Chapter ended with the great news :

“We’re releasing the APP”

(oddio blocco, non so più che scrivere)

What happened next ? Well a loooot of things, and I don’t know where to start.

Lets try in this way…

So as I wrote in the previous chapter we decided to release the app via Face to Face Skype Call with each beta testers. This was very hard to follow and also reduced our acquisition by a lot, but we were able to find a good amount of folks who gave us their time!

Thanks those call we were able to understand better how we can improve our product and funnel.

The calls allow us to create a better relationship with our early users, so we did also created a Facebook Group where we continuously discuss with them about new features, bugs, improvements, business model, ect.

I think we discuss with them everything.

This is the kind of relationship we always wanted to have with them and I think that this is our biggest victory!

Just to make an example, on of our user said on our group that he found a way to trick the system in order to avoid our 3% penalty fee on early withdrawals, the result was a discussion between all of them on how we can fix it. What really makes me proud was the kind of discussion they had, it was like a Team discussion.

For this reason I wanted to say that our Team is not composed just by three stressed people, but is composed of more than 50 (and counting)

Thanks to them we’re able to fix all the major bugs and to improve our product such that two weeks ago we decided to shift from a Face2Face release to an direct release where people can immediately get the app without us.

So the app changed a lot during these days, how ?

Well first we totally changed the signup process, before it was mandatory to create and activate a goal in order to create an account, now instead people can create their account and then create the goal whenever they want.

It can seem a simple edit, but it wasn’t, at least for me, since I had to change the entire structure of the app.

This change was the effect of another TWO BIGGEST SUPER DUPER MEGA CHANGES.

Multiple and Shared Goals! Yep. A Sherpy right now can have ‘till three different goals active at the same time and also can create a Shared Goal, so a Goal Shared with up to other 3 people.

But before explain the new features I want to tells you about a very lovable episode, our Sunday Call.

Sunday Call

As i wrote above, GoSherpy team is not composed by just three people.

I realised that on a Sunday evening when we had a Skype call with the Sherpies.

The discussion mentioned above, led us to organise a Skype Call where we can discuss about that problem and also about all the future improvements.

We were in 8 discussing all together like a team for more almost 3 hours.

All the new ideas and all the product improvements and business model ideas came from that call.

For this I wanted to thanks again Vinny, Sara, Yasmine, Lorenzo and Sofia! ❤ guys.

Shared Goals

The biggest improvement is for sure the Shared Goal.

The Shared Goal, for example was one of the most requested features from them.

The real difficulty here wasn’t create the feature itself (once we created the multiples, the game was done).

The real difficulty here is the rules of the game, how this goal should work ?

Should people save up the same amount of money ? for example.

Well, I’ve to be honest we don’t have the right answer yet, but we decided to start lean, and let users free to decide the amount they want to save up.

So the administrator (the Sherpy who created the goal) is the only one who can set and change for what to save and the timing. Then all are free to decide the amount they want to contribute to.

Other Improvements Done:

  • Multiple Goals
  • Pause a Goal
  • Invite Friends
  • Transfer funds amongst wallets
  • Card Details Autoformatting
  • Emails Templates
  • DIY Help Center
  • Easier Signup
  • Direct In App Chat Support
  • Start saving now or from another specific date
  • Pending Goals
  • Redeem app codes

And a lot of other very tiny details…

What next ?

Well next we have a lot of things to come, such as push notification infos about the goal or Dynamic targeted Amount, but we’re going to work on that from the next month (10 days from now) since we decided to redesign entirely the app. With a new backend, more stable, and a cleaner UI & UX also thanks to everything we’ve learned till now.

Ah and also we’re going to release the app on the stores.

I saw you asking, ok cool! Good Job, but in reality what does it means ? How much money people saved with GoSherpy ?

Well, I’m proud to say that 4 days ago we broke the €4,000 barrier with a spike of €772 deposited in 24 hours.

Right now we’re closed to break the €5,000! And you can easily stay updated with this tiny page we made:

I think that for this chapter is enough.

As always I know a lot of english mistakes, but I’ve to go Home. My Love is waiting for me ❤