Camp ‘Subhuman’


Sherri Papini PC: PoshMark 


 Redding, California ~


 It’s been 35 days since Sherri Papini vanished at the corner of Sunrise Drive and Old Oregon Trail in Mountain Gate California, just outside of Redding.


 It’s been 13 days since she reappeared on the side of 1–5 and county road 17 in Yolo County, about 150 miles from her home.


 To date, we still have nothing to go on, other than ‘thus sayeth Sherri’, whose second hand news has been blasted all over the world through her husband, Keith Papini.


 Still no composite of the ‘suspects’. Rather, it seems that the entirety of Northern California is to be on the look out for two Hispanic women with dark hair, eye brows, toting a hand gun and bandanna over their faces.


 So many details and factors of her “ disappearance” and reappearance are, to put it bluntly, shady as hell.

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 However, one thing is certain. When it comes Sherri Papini there are two camps. The ‘supporters’ who believe her entirely and the ‘subhumans’ who who think she is full of…well you know.


 As most who grace my website with their presence know, I have pitched my tent, complete with french press, firewood and fifth wheel, in the ‘subhuman’ camp.


Frankly, like a great portion of the ‘subhumans’, I am tired of looking at her husband and reading the conflicting stories in the media.


 To hear her husband tell it, with a dramatic Sherri laced flair, what she endured was nothing short of horrific. He goes into great detail on 20/20, between misty eyes, a quivering chin and sideways glances just off camera.


Keith Papini glances just off camera during 20/20 interview. PC: ABC 20/20Now some say that his sideways glances are proof of deception on his part. Personally, I think the answer is more simple then that. In fact, I willing to wager my bile duct that his sideways glaces are to Sherri, sitting just off camera, to make sure he is getting HER story out there just the way she wants it to be told.


 What do I think of Keith Papini?


 Do I think he is telling the truth?


 Well, yes and no.


 I think he wants to believe his wife.


 However, I also suspect that in the middle of night while both camps are sleeping, Keith Papini may occasionally sneak on over to the ‘subhuman’ camp and roast himself up a marshmallow or two when no one is looking.


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