6 Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Patio Umbrella

Sitting in the direct sun can be torture on hot days. You could be at home or at a restaurant, and a large commercial umbrella will make all the difference between having a nice day and feeling like you are being roasted. Here are 10 great reasons you should invest in a high quality large patio umbrella.

1. Giant Patio umbrellas are a must for anybody who lives in a sunny place. If you own a restaurant or a hotel and entertain a lot of people than more than one will be necessary. The right outdoor patio shade can reduce your patio heat by as much as 20%!

2. Industrial umbrellas will also provide shelter from rain that might be rolling through. An Offset patio umbrella can give shelter to many people at the same time, and maybe even save an event that would otherwise need to be cancelled.

3. A heavy duty cantilever umbrella is also purchased to add a complimentary decorative item to your patio area. There are many choices when it comes to the 100% acrylic colors and patterns available. This outdoor fabric is water resistant, anti-mold and mildew, stain resistant and easy to clean. In addition to its longevity and durability; this fabric also provides protection from the sun with a 95% UV rating and carry’s the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal.

4. Designing your own commercial patio umbrella to the decor in your garden or patio is a lot of fun.

5. Be certain to choose an umbrella that is versatile. Offset umbrellas and double offset patio umbrellas should have a rotation feature allowing you to position the canopy and follow the sun. In addition this feature will allow you to close the umbrella out of the way of your furniture underneath.

6. Make sure to choose a shade umbrella that is the right size. If it is too small then somebody or something is always left out of the cover. If it is too large, it may look out of place.


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