Remote journey of four design teams addressing togetherness in the sense of values that are important to a specific community of practice with the help of participatory design methods.


This article was developed in order to describe the 10 week - remote project journey of 11 students in 4 teams, studying in the Master’s Interaction Design programme at UID in collaboration with Microsoft. In addition, this article contains digital ethnographic methodologies, which we developed and used throughout our journey.

Anna Puchalska, Oliver Weglinski, Soh Heum Hwang

Seam — seaming memory and love with inclusive technology

Seam is a product-service system to connect individuals with early-stage Alzheimer’s and their loved ones through soft technology.

Both user groups can communicate with each other by creating a routine of exchanging memory through photos, videos and live video calls. As individuals with early-stage Alzheimer’s suffer due to their decline…

According to WHO (World Health Organization), Traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM) is an important and often underestimated health resource with many applications, especially in the prevention and management of lifestyle-related chronic diseases, and in meeting the health needs of aging populations.

Despite the wide range of applications, today, this health…

With our project we aim to connect and support the growth of a community of pregnant women, expacting parent regardless their gender and care providers. In order to achieve this, we have developed tangible parts as the heart of our concept: an app, a kit and media appearance. …

The journey of four design teams addressing mobility injustices using participatory design methods


This design guide was developed in order to describe the journey of 12 students of the Interaction Design programme of Umeå Institute of Design. The project addressed mobility justice in the gendered landscape focusing on the city of Umeå. What are the underlying social norms and ethical concerns that are…

The workshop where together with stakeholders the public transport system is redesigned with other values in mind.

This project focuses on making public transport in rural areas more accessible by transforming the role of the public transport company in Umeå. The role of this company will support the communities rather than imposing structure.

To involve multiple stakeholders we used participatory methods to define the design direction. We…

Umeå Interaction Design

Stories from students of the MFA programme in Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design.

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