New tooling releases — polish and stability (Flutter)

Hello everyone!

Here are the details for new tooling releases! The focus for this release is on polish and stability. There are quite a few changes to the UI — largely based on ongoing UX research — so this announcement is heavy on screen shots!

Performance Tooling Changes

The Performance tab in the inspector has been moved to a dedicated window, accessible from the bottom of the IDE, to accommodate new features such as the Rebuild stats table in the screenshot below. This table shows you widget rebuild counts on the current screen of your app and helps you locate the code responsible for rebuilding particular widgets.

The FPS display has been renamed to “Frame rendering time” to more accurately reflect its purpose. In addition, its tooltips have been improved. Toolbar actions have been reorganized, and various other changes improve usability.

We’d like to call out that many of the UI changes here were directly driven by user studies and feedback; thanks for all your input into the tooling!

Reorganize Inspector Tools

To make it easy to find common tools, the Timeline and Observatory have moved to the More Actions menu and “Show Paint Baselines” and “Enable Slow Animations” are now on the toolbar as

, respectively.

Searchable Settings

Settings (or Preferences for Mac users) are now searchable. This works for both the Dart and Flutter plugins. Here’s what it looks like when you search for ‘outline’:

Updated Icons

The set of Material icons has been updated, and Cupertino icons have been added; both types of icons can be seen in the editor’s vertical gutter:

Extract Widget

There is a new refactoring feature available in the Flutter Outline view, extract widget.

Fewer Crashes

Interacting with the Inspector while paused at a breakpoint was causing crashes. That’s been fixed. Plus, the error reporting for problems encountered in the Flutter tool has been improved. It now includes a stack trace from the Dart code in the Flutter tool.

Thanks for your reading.