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Parking With Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Finding a parking spot daily could be a daunting task that is why we simplified using the 21st generation technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We pulled “finding a parking spot” to a new dimension, now just using your phone book your parking spot in just a few minutes which is very cost-effective and manageable for the parking owners as well. Expand your parking business with “UMENIT”, we have simplified solution for parking space owners which are –

· Mobile application for Android and iOS users

· Text Pay

· Parking using the website

· Enforcement apps to manage and ticket generation

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Marketing and launching can be co-related, instead of building something to impress everyone, try to focus on building a quality audience.

Managers and marketers fulfill great responsibility when it comes to a successful startup or product launch. The “Soft Launch” and “Hard Launch” are the two strategies for a successful launch. Let’s get deep in understanding when and how they’re effective including the benefits and pitfalls of these two launching operations.

Introduction to soft launch

A soft launch is more like testing the local or a target audience before you go global with your startup so that you can understand how visitors are behaving, before going any further. …

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Artificial Intelligence 2022

A computer with a human brain may be peculiar talk to you but it is really happening. The ells of artificial Intelligence that are aggressively pushing the global market to reach a new vertex include the development of an AI processor. Intelligent machine learning is an analogical process which is influencing the ease of doing business, lifestyle and influencing daily life.

BMW group using an innovative AI tech which evaluates component images in ongoing production and compares them in milliseconds to hundreds of the other images of the sequence. …

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Android Fun Fact — #UMENIT

A mobile phone, cell phone, handphone, cellphone or just cell or just phone whatever you can call but for sure phone is not just an electronic tool to speak over when businesses are taking place and connecting worldwide with all information on our hand.

What comes to your mind hearing word android? We frequently use words as in; android mobile, android users, android updates, android community, etc, but the question is how much you know about android?

Android is an operating system (technically: software package) which is specifically developed for mobiles, smartphones and tablet computers which is developed by Google and written in Java language. …


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