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Everything that you want to know about android — An inside story

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Jun 25, 2019 · 2 min read

A mobile phone, cell phone, handphone, cellphone or just cell or just phone whatever you can call but for sure phone is not just an electronic tool to speak over when businesses are taking place and connecting worldwide with all information on our hand.

What comes to your mind hearing word android? We frequently use words as in; android mobile, android users, android updates, android community, etc, but the question is how much you know about android?

Android is an operating system (technically: software package) which is specifically developed for mobiles, smart phones and tablet computers which is developed by Google and written in Java language.

Wonder how then Samsung, Nokia, and other companies are using something which is developed by Google? Yes, it is true that Google developed android but later on, this platform is also developed and used by the OHA (Open Handset Alliance).

Apart from technical dimensions what was the importance of introducing a mobile platform to the world?

We might not be in the golden era of technologies yet having a platform that can make easy all of your needs and demands is the best of the 21st century that we’re availing. The vigorous growth in mobile users opened multiple doors for users, developers, businesses, service sector, etc.

Businesses are expanding and taking place across the globe using applications with 86% share android dominate the global mobile app development.

How android application are revolutionizing the businesses

Indian startups experiencing 108% growth in total funding of USD 4.2 billion in 2018 said “National Association of Software and Services Companies”. With vigorous enterprising development, the mobile industry is also growing with multiple beneficial dimensions that are stimulating business with the worldwide approach.

1. Mobile applications by android have influenced and digitalized the perception of businesses on the Internet.

2. A friendly ecosystem with a friendly approach to download and install the application. Android in-built connected to the official store for downloading and installing the application.

3. Different phones Companies are also using it. Unlike Apple, Android is a platform which is available to use by a wide-spectrum of phones.

4. Android is an open source platform and its software development kit (SDK) is available for developers also this mobile apps developing platform is cost-effective.

5. Enhanced security with regular updates makes android apps development more secure and flexible to use.

Last Thought

The Android mobile platform is actually not developed for the smart phone market it was actually developed for the digital camera platform.

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