Just Start:

Abdulsataar Edhi is a name which was never unknown to me and is a name which I always recognize as the height of achievements. But after reading this chapter I came to know that these gems are not naturally made, in fact one have to make himself a gem at his own as Edhi does that since his childhood.

Specifying only one action of Edhi or one of the lines from this chapter to be my inspiration is difficult for me as this whole chapter and its each line leave me inspired. But as required by this activity one of the most inspiring lines which I could relate to my life is when his friends joke at him for his big dreams but he never discouraged and smiled back at them saying “I can begin small, but why should I think small”.

Why I relate this line to my life is because I always dream big thinking that these dreams will make me able to do big things in my life one day. So to just start making my dreams a reality I have taken a small step in collaboration with my cousins by creating a small group in May 2017 which we named as “waseela” thinking and hoping to take it to levels of high achievements one day.

Without exaggeration this is a simple and small act only which I can directly relate to his life.

From last few years I wanted to do something which I haven’t achieved yet. This is something from which I am not being afraid at all but still haven’t got that due to my own self resistance or perhaps I can say due to my own ego.

That’s not a project or activity but is to maintain my relations more beautifully by loving them and making myself a people-loving person. Although I am not a reclusive person from my childhood but from past few years this thing is developing in me at times and I am unable to avoid that. As I am a student and I live in other city away from my family so whenever we are all together then definitely every member and relative want that I sit along with them and behave friendly and positively but my mood swings come in between all these expectations.

I want to control my ego which pop ups whenever I am trying to solve my issues with other persons and the result is people always took me bad.

Now being having this platform of AMAL ACADEMY I am very determined to achieve all what I want because this chance has encouraged me so much that I am ready to reform myself and be a good human being as my CREATOR wants me to be.

According to my level of thinking, I think the three steps I need to take right now are:

To rethink about all my actions and to think what others expect from me.

As I am away from my relations physically so what can I do right now is to have a surprising phone call to my aunts and uncles and having a good “gupshup” time with them.

After that maintaining all my efforts to keep these relations beautiful.

Now on this day July 12, 2017 I am going to complete my first step by giving a thoughtful night hours to think my own people.

On July 13, 2017 I am making calls to my aunts and uncles, surprising them, and listening about their lives now a days.

And the third step required by this activity has just started before above two steps when I thought of all this and started writing i.e. on July 11,2017

Best of luck to me.

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