‘’Thanks ALLAH for the greatest gift in the shape of Friends”

“Friends are the siblings God never gave us”

It is truly said that man is social animal.He live in society and deal with different people.Man want to become a social and without interaction with people he is not be able to spend his life.So, for this prospective he try to make friends in his life.Good friends are the Blessing of Allah.

When man makes his friends he believe in them and trust him.They help each other in any matter.This world full of every type of man.We can not know at the spot that he is belong to which category.When you spent a reasonable time with him then you are able to know that he is a good friend or fake friend.It is truly said that:

“Fake friends believe in rumors real friends believe in you”

Every man has different thoughts about his friends.When any one asked from my friends about me someone says that, i have determination to do something, has soft heart, and can not cancel the truth.Someone says that, i am cooperative, help other without any benefit and i am good in dealing with friends. But some says that, i am little shay, feel difficulties to convey my thoughts and it is difficult for me to take a decision in any matter.

At the end i want to say that friends are friends whatever they think about you.without friends life is boring and meaning less.So believe in your friends, trust him, love him and try to misunderstanding with each other.