Informational Interview

Informational interview is a very good way to utilize our networking and to interact with company representative. You can share your ideas with him and about your future goals. In the informational interview, we can have a chance to get the information about the company it’s latest projects or products and we can also relate them with our interest so that i can help us in future.
I got a chance to have an informational interview with the night company man of Mari Petroleum Company Limited. He was really a nice guy who motivated me in a best possible way. The questions i asked him are following:
What is current situation of the petroleum industry?
How can we get in to the industry in this era of oil recession?
Should we consider Masters or a job?
What should we do if we don’t get the job opportunity of our interest?
When will your company start hiring the fresh graduates?
He answered all my questions in a best possible way and encouraged me to just grab the opportunity where ever you find it. He said that the condition of the industry is very miserable and unstable that the almost every company has laid off her employee due to the oil prices. So if you find any opportunity just pick it up you will definitely find interest in it. As far as the Masters is concerned, he concluded that it is very necessary if you want to go to managerial position but Masters after some industrial experience would be beneficial.
As the result of this experience i have learnt that we just need to enter into the industry in this era of competition. Once you have entered that there will be a lot of opportunities for you to display your skills and enjoy the success. Moreover this informational interview has changed my idea about the masters. I supposed that immediate masters would be beneficial but the highly experienced person from the company told me that once you have field experience then you can perform very well in your masters.
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