How to: Brand Yourself for Making more Out of the Internet

Internet is a pole of wonderment with great to know ways of doing great in every aspect of our lives.

this an example of guerrilla marketing

Same goes to branding a product or someone’s name!

By branding someone’s name (an expert) I mean to say making a brand of yourself with naming it as per as your original name (the name which is on your ID card or in class room’s register).

With self brand you can easily get exposure to any business that you were dreamed to start by putting yourself as an expert in a market where you really are.

It is totally legal.

As I am an expert in marketing and branding, I wanted to share some great to read and easy to do steps on making yourself a brand before its too late.


You are not the only one who’s name is ABC there are many books written by ABC (joke as apart but you should grab your name quickly by registering a domain name before someone else do this).

Now read below 3-points-checklist to stand out from crowd of brandness.

1. Know the area where you think that you are an expert in

Passion is everything for any business online or offline.

Most of you may think that the high paying niches like Finance is good to blog about. Believe me its better to blog about your passion rather then wasting time on other topics which you can’t cover for years.

So! Its good to find your passion and start your personal blog on that topic.

Zen Habits have done a great and quick guide on finding your passion and you can read my tips below:

  • Think, think and think for 2/3 days
  • Now think about what you’ve think a lot about in those 2/3 days
  • Probably that topic is your passion that’s why you love to think about it

after that the next step is to master it and be an expert, because you’ve to be like a master/teacher on your passion before diving into self branding river.

2. Be an expert on your passion (to get real success)

Be an expert on your passion

Bring heat to your funnel of experience in your selected topic.

There is always a reason to become an expert on any topic, niche or work. One of the many reason — You can make your impact to bring money in your pocket with self respect and good authority online.

People will come to know how they can do things the right and you can easily earn money just by giving some advices (consulting) and this is the main business any entrepreneurs are doing right now.

Checklist to become an expert in any niche/topic:

  1. Read and learn more about the topic
  2. Take video courses (search on YouTube to get free classes on almost any topic)
  3. Do experiments by creating free blogs and solving some problems using any question and answer sites like Quora
  4. Be a good friend of experts in your topic and follow their guidelines with spying on them by reading their blogs and knowing the schedule of their work by talking to them directly (making relations with experts can lead you to more exposure for your next move)
  5. Read failure stories more than success stories (it will make you learn about all the side-effects in your business)

Do above steps for 6 months (minimum duration) and do them like you’ll lose your life if you don’t do that steps.

By performing this step by step you can easily become an expert in your passion as you will be happy to do this.

In that time you also know more about you and the topic that you can cover easily or not.

NOTE: If you think that the topic is not good for you or you feel boring while talking to experts of that topic or searching information about it than stop immediately and think about some other great topic.

3. Convert that topic into a slogan

Just like I’ve done on my personal blogbranding is success”.

Put the marble of branding on alley of your personal blog!

I mean to say: Create a slogan for your blog by putting niche/topic in it, which can describe the real meanings of your blog and tell people what your blog is about.

As I have a personal blog on the topic of branding, that’s why I choose to show a slogan which is simple and to the point.

Here’s a set of some examples for you to choose yours:

  • Health: If you are a doctor and you want to brand yourself you can choose a slogan like Health is Wealth, Your Health our Wealth and something like that.
  • Gaming: If you are a gamer than you can try some such as Gaming is Cool, Games on Peak, Love is Games and so on.
  • Marketer: Online or offline you should try these slogans Marketing of new World, Where marketing begins and Come to Market your Business

It is a must to do step for getting more exposure and targeted audience on your personal blog.

Many professionals forget to apply this idea and they almost loss their valuable customers without knowing that why people don’t like their blogs.

Final idea:

To be a professional in this online world we should consider trying self-branding with a blog of our own name in the domain/URL.

Many professionals are doing this and earning a lot (money and authority) with trust of already established companies.

Also, with this idea we can easily get our dream jobs to do at home and we don’t have to submit a resume for this.

This can be done easily, but it needs your attention.

So!! Put your energy in branding yourself to make more out of the internet

Originally published at on October 1, 2016.