Alexa ASK CLI installation for windows

Umesh Pai
2 min readJun 28, 2020

If you are installing Alexa Ask CLI for windows, instructions are clear on the amazon Alexa site. But they are more generalized to all the platforms. Here are the instructions that you can follow to install ask CLI on widows.

You can refer to the AWS ASK CLI reference link below to start your installation

Step 1 — Install Node

You can download and install node from the site and instruction mentioned below. Chose windows installer and 32 or 64 bit depending upon the machine on which you are installing the node.

You should set the path in the environment variable with the following path, replace userid with your user id.


Step 2 — Install Python

Download and install python ver 2.7 using MSI installer from the following link.

By default, python is installed under C:\Python27. Make sure to add the environment variable pointing to your installed folder.

Step 3 — Install windows build tools

Use Windows PowerShell, to install the build tools. Do not run as administrator if you are installing it for a user account. Use the following command to install the build tools.

npm install -g — production widows-build-tools

Step 4 — Install ask-cli

Finally, install ask-cli using the following command. Again the trick here is to execute the command in the PowerShell without administrative privilege if you are installing it for a user.

npm install -g ask-cli

You have successfully installed ASK CLI for windows. Enjoy!