Lessons Learned From My Failures

I understand it sounds low talking about failures but life is not always bed of roses.

I spent entire year i.e. 2014, reconsidering, reconciling and revising my strategy.

In hindsight, however, it is easy to realize that it is lot of time yet I know it was a must to do that. The outcome of all that pondering and wondering boiled down to few golden advices that I would like to share with you.

While analyzing my professional front and my revenue generating streams. I found most of them to be out-dated, non-automated, carrying no value, lacked focus and lacked vision. Yes, being true I give vent to the fact that the tools I have been using were obsolete. I took a look around to experience that people have taken an advanced step to some greater extent. Perhaps the time had come to invest in myself, invest in my business to make it the business of 21st century.

I admit readily that it taught me very good lessons and I hope you can benefit from the experience that I am set to share. You can benefit by not repeating the mistakes I made. I have illustrated them in detail in correlation with what we do during day-in and day-out.

  1. Keep your mind tuned to embrace failure with open arms.

Look at failures merely as mistakes. Your company’s focus comes with trial and error. Being adaptable is the acid test. If failure happens, it is okay. Use data to help fail less often.

Regard failure as a strength and not a weakness. Do not fail alone and find talented virtuosos. As you intend to grow and move forward, big failures will seem small tomorrow. Mistakes will turn up new opportunities.

2. Don’t run away from conflict.

Disagreement and conflict are the indivisible part of virtually every person’s life. Always be open for healthy discussion. Instead, if you try to decamp, the situation is sure to worsen progressively. Maybe not right now, but tomorrow or sooner or later, conflicts and other chaos are sure to turn up.

Then what? The answer is you obviously have to confront them then no matter whether you are geared up or not. And the bitter fact is that now you are a lax person and the situation seems more grueling to you and is all set to pounce on you with greater might and main! Running is therefore never a good idea my friend but you should brave such critical elements assiduously.

3. Understand the value of networking

Networking is a crucial, effective and creative gimmick to build and foster relationships in mutual between two or even more entities. In other words, it is a catalyst to drive phenomenal success and to have the same in essence; it is essential to rub shoulders with new people, nurture evolving alliances and enhance your network. A good networking has the power to stand you and your organization out and stay at the top.

4. Making most out of something you have

You can maximize the thing and your life in a variety of great ways. Start attaching importance to the activity that attracts others and let them to sing the praises. Do not let concerns, stresses and other problems overcome you for a long time and yet instead brave them to get an upper hand on them.

Do not air your grievances at something you do not have yet instead try to be as happy as possible with what you already have. Have humanity and other gentle feelings for others. Propel your inventiveness to move forward and see where it leads you to and never let excuses to be sandwiched between you and the life you draw a bead on.

5. The worst decision is indecision.

They say being shilly-shallied is the worst decision and leads to certain bad results; it is something acceptable readily. Indecision evidently postpones the process of contriving a levelheaded decision. This trait is a stumbling block in getting things done timely and properly in just every stream of life.

So whether you are successfully operating a startup or an established business and are not being able to conclude a decision about a certain thing, things are sure to go worse eventually. Take for example, you shilly-shally whether to start up a business for a certain time and sooner or later you realize that other competitors have caught up with you in the meantime and leaving you to be stranded.

Suffice it to say, the worst decision is indecision, since it leads one’s goings-on to be in the doldrums. And unless there is no progress or activity in certain thing, nothing good is going to turn up–no joy, excitement progress and just only melancholy and inaction.

10. Find a mentor.

A good or desired mentor is maybe though hard to find but if you are lucky to find one such, your personal and/or professional life will change dramatically and give you available prospects to be availed without an end. For example, whether you own and run a startup or established business and strive to meet the goals and needs successfully, a just mentor will come into play to exceed your expectations while guiding you and giving fertile advice in the reference points. Take the time to scout mentors based on the personal preferences and needs to help your businesses reach the desired phase of development.

Yes, you heard me right. Get. Set. Ready & Go. The biggest sin I think I have ever committed is reading and doing nothing out of the ordinary. I had so many plans, which never happened to be executed. I kept on planning, making blueprints but laid emphasis mainly on the execution part. Think simple from scratch.

I always perceived that the laid down plan should be picture perfect. Perfection is gained by doing things regularly and practicing it constantly. Keep in mind to balance things taking your time while acting fast. Last but not least, push new ideas and projects forward to reap maximum benefit with optimized revenue.

It is an endless source of pleasure to recount the stories of survival, flight and victory against adversities, so-called mistakes and challenges.

Originally published at www.umeshsinghrajput.com.

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