HotelCoin In perspective

Hotel coin is a distributed accommodation system to travelers, teams and companies based on cryptocurrency. This business model is to be hinged on real estate hiring to the patrons. Hotelcoins token will be known as HTC. This concept is innovative and being decentralized makes it more accessible to all. A visit to the official web site of the project for further education is not a bad idea. This concept is based on profit making for investing community and the owners of the company as the funding will be actualized by cryptocurrency via initial currency offer ICO. This phenomena is crypto community based where members can rent out or non members hire fascinating accommodation when out of station during business trip or vacation. This process will be achieved through on line booking using the block chain as the back bone.

The beauty of this concept is that it will be running through the blockchain technology. The combination of blockchain and real estate is apt as the transaction will be transparent , fast and tracking of transaction records possible. The availability of this system to the public due to online booking makes it attractive and viable as the volume of business will increase because of easy and affordable access to internet world over. To make the project a success the company is on the process of establishing 6 centers that is strategically located in the following parts of global business hubs Male, Dubia, Miami. Bali ,Hong Kong and London these locations are chosen because of their beneficial interest in volume of business and tourism. More HotelCoin centers will be added in future as that will be decided via voting by the HotelCoin token holders. There is mechanism in place to divide the infrastructure into rentable accommodation spaces and non-rentable spaces reserved for community members based on crypto economics relations this will ensure proper management and ultimately profits for all. As the profit of HotelCoin will be derived from renting of residential spaces to individuals, families companies as branch offices etc. Non members of the community can still be part of the system by obtaining temporal membership and access to the accommodation by renting tokens from members token holders.

To develop HotelCoin project the company has decided to do ICO from August 21st 2017 to October 2017 in other to raise fund through public partnership by selling the token (HotelCoin token HTC) HTC is built on one of the best alternativecurrency which is WAVES platform and WAVES is highly compatible to Ethereum protocols which make it easy to swap to other cryptocurrency according user’s discretion. Through this offer the company hoped to raise enough fund to fully develop the project and on time to actualize the dream and aspiration of the owners and the will be community members. Why not visit the whitepaper by following this link and see the road map.

This project is attractive and highly prospective because it is being based on two solid business models , that is REAL ESTATE and the BLOCK CHAIN which are profit making oriented. I am advising investors to rush and buy into this project and invest as the price is way too low compare to the expected return on investment (ROI) . The project site is up and running and accessible all the time and at any place.;u=1006076

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Originally published at on August 29, 2017.

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