Ben Kirtman, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences, Director of the NOAA Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies and Director, Center for Computational Science Climate and Environmental Hazards Program. Image: Diana Udel

By Kate Stein

That basement would flood during El Niño rains. So Kirtman’s father made his son spend nights “pump-sitting” on the basement couch. Every half-hour, Kirtman had to turn on the pump and wait for the water to go down. The experience, plus reading about an ice storm in Canada that killed many people, led him toward meteorology.

Improving forecasting “seemed like a great problem to solve,” says Kirtman, now a professor and researcher at UM’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. “If I could help save lives, all the better.”

Kirtman leads a partnership between UM and…

Celebrity Flora is the first vessel in the Galapagos to be equipped with cutting-edge oceanographic research equipment, known as OceanScope. Image: Celebrity Cruises

UM Rosenstiel School-led OceanScope project aboard Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruise ships provides unprecedented information on oceans, climate

MIAMI — When scientists said bon voyage to their first oceanographic instruments aboard a cruise ship 20 years ago, they could only imagine the depth of knowledge it would provide about the Atlantic Ocean.

Today, this unique collaboration between Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd (RCL) and the University of Miami’s (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science continues to amass an incredibly valuable dataset highlighting the intricate connection between the ocean, atmosphere and climate. …


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