Half Our Startups are Founded by Women — and I’m Surprised and Delighted.
Paige Craig

I would like to see more about investors looking into you who you are today and what potential do you have tomorrow. Not asking about your past experiences at Google or Facebook or your winning resume with MBA diploma. Everyone can go work at a corporate but very few can start something new without hesitation from facing challenges and obstacles of building a new business and creating jobs. I am also against the gender differentiation and sexism we discuss everyday. I am a believer of if you want to, you can reach the stars, just keep doing what inspires you. I am seeking opportunities working with investors who are inspired by the founders no matter what gender they belong to, no matter what background they have. We get better with experiences from the action we take every day. Please connect with me if you would like to get to know more about me and my company. My mission is bigger than Youtube and Facebook, together we will create the most innovative technology in high tech industry.