At Umka Digital we make social network analysis along with other great stuff. Our core team is currently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, that's why some time ago we thought: why not explore social networks here in Slovenia? Are there any local particularities?

It seemed quite an interesting job, so we said: “Yeah, let’s do”. To start with we chose Twitter for it’s really popular here and at the same time it’s convenient for us as we have plenty of house tools to work with it.

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Our spirit animal — Umka

Slovenia has only 2 mil residents which makes the necessary data processing relatively fast and cheap.

So, the main and almost only significant problem we faced was how to determine a Slovene user who writes mostly in English or any other language, but Slovene. In order to solve this, a special math model was created. …

Umka Digital

Analysis, big data, machine learning and distributed ledgers.

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