“Busy routines… Relaxing movements”

“A busy scheduled translate into stress in your mind, body and soul” (Dr. Pete Sulack)

When life is too busy than finding a relaxation time is the far most priority. It is important to find ways of relaxation in your busy scheduled, it will help not only physical but also improve in mental health. There is a need to maintain balance in work and personal life, do something enjoyable it will improve your performance at work as well.

Finding time for relaxation is an effective way to counterbalance to the stress of everyday life. After joining Amal academy we all have done very hectic tasks, managing our studies and fellowship together, had very busy routine. At the end of this journey we planned to go for outing. At last day of fellowship we went for outdoor session with our fellows, I also grasped this opportunity.

We all decided to spend more time and do some fun activities with each other, for this purpose we went to a UC café at UET Lahore. At that place I spent lot of time with my Amal family, Ma’am Zara and Sir Asad. Sir Asad told some positive and some negative points of every fellow and also gave advice to change the negative aspects. We had a lunch together and felt like a family. After words we played some Activities, singing songs, taking selfies and enjoyed dare tasks.

It was really memorable, lovely and awesome experience, I have learnt so many things especially to be friendly, cooperative, and supportive and having good understanding of each other. Amal fellows are actually like a family everyone is respectable and respect giver, feeling blessed to be part of such a great family.

During the journey and at the end of fellowship we enjoyed a lot and had more memories that will bring smiles on our faces and give true happiness in future as well. I strongly recommend to readers take some times from their busy schedules, spend it with your families, loved ones and colleagues you will feel happier and relax…

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