“Fight procrastination with Pomodoro”

It is usually happen with all of us whenever we want to do an important task, an instant procrastination divert our attention and we easily jumped into joy and fun that is more easy. Procrastination is the process of doing more pleasurable things than less pleasurable ones thus putting off impending task to a letter time. The outcome of this practice was tremendously worse and our performance become very poor as a result, because we have to complete the tasks in a short span of time.

What one should do to avoid procrastination… Well! here is the solution one should used pomodoro technique. Pomodoro technique is a time management method developed in 1980’s by Francesco Cirillo. It is a timer break down the work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes available to do a particular task when no other thing disturb you. I means one should switch off all other technologies like social media, facebook and whats app etc.

I used this technique while doing my project works and online courses, interestingly I focused more than before. I sat an alarm for 25 minutes and attentively indulged in my work, avoid all procrastination that pops up in my mind and tried to complete tasks before the alarm rung.

It will very helpful as It is very difficult to stay away from the things for which we are used to be but at the end the reward of completing the tasks will be pleasant as we save more time and can spend it doing more interesting things with relax mind. So, I suggest my fellows keep try this technique and avoid procrastination you will feel more relaxed and comfortable. Best of luck…