“Going an #extra mile”

In order to work in your dream company is something you need to going an extra mile and drop your resume and cover letter to an HR Manager personally. This task is not that much easy as compare to drop your resume and cover letter by E-mail. For this one might face some hurdles and challenges as well. So, there is need to reducing your fears and take an extra step think out of the box and move towards your dream journey.

I have this experience and first time I tried this. I went for in person drop in Punjab group of colleges for applying as a commerce teacher. Because I want to be a successful lecturer. The big challenge was: how can I approached there and meet with director HR. Whether gatekeeper allowed me to go inside, can I reached to respective person or not, these were the thoughts before going there.

I Planned to went there with my friend Azwa who also wanted to apply there. We went there together, surprisingly there was no hurdle in our way. We went to Admin department and they sent us to the Director room. We approached him, drop our resume and cover letter and told him about our dreams to be the part of PGC. Perhaps Mr. Adeel was not paying attention to us and not maintained proper eye contact while listening to us, It seems like he already knew our purpose of in person drop as he said go ahead… but he also told us about the walk in interviews in next months and courage us to be there.

It was an amazing experience for me as I reduced my fear to go for in person drop. I will continue this in future as well and try to find out the names of respective HR persons, engage more with them by asking questions and do my best to approached them by going an extra mile.

I suggest to others try this you will be feel more confidence and step towards way forward…