“Learning is life long process”

Everyone one can learned throughout his life. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “learned from mother’s lap to grave yard”. Learning is a life cycle one can learned at any stage of life. Experts says that one can learned better when feeling relaxed. You can perform well and learned new things easily when you are enjoying.

Learning new things is sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, what is reasoned behind this? The answer of this question is that we have two sets of mind thinking; focused and diffused. Focused mind set is more relaxed and concentrate intently on new things which we try to learn, while diffused mind set; in this we can look things very broadly, a big picture perspective.

Metaphor provides some techniques for how to become effective learner? We can give breaks to our mind and by doing exercise we can give a best gift to our mind. In our mind new neurons born every day and they died if don’t utilize them. The best way to utilizing new neurons is doing physical exercise, which makes healthy our mind too.

For better learner and paying more attention to our work we can also use a technique called a Pomodoro; a tomato shape 25 minutes timer, used to focused more on work, avoid all distractions like Facebook, what’s app and other social media and at the end give a reward in the form of a cup of tea, chocolate and completion of work on time.

“Practice makes perfect/permanence” this Analogy also can be used to become a better learner. Try to learn and retain in intervals and by repeating. When you learned something new with focused mind take breaks and repeat it in intervals during weeks in order to retain.

For me it also difficult sometimes to learn when I feel so much tired and have diverted attention, and it is quite easy when I feel more relaxed. For learning new things I need calmness and more relaxation, avoid distractions focused more on work attentively.

I usually used deep breathing, better sleep and Pomodoro in order to be more relaxed and focused. I will apply the metaphor, analogy and Pomodoro technique to become a better learner and I strongly recommended reader to apply these tools to become a life long learners…