“Mentor gives hope inside you”

Mentorship is a relationship in which more experienced and knowledgeable person help or guide to a less experienced person. It is a developmental relationship between two persons in order to gain knowledge. Behind every great rise there is someone who might be called a mentor.

“Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor.”

I have been fortune to have great mentors throughout my life who provide me guidance to grow, my parents, aunt, teachers, uncle and my friends. The one who is a coach, teacher, my inspiration, the one who give me wings, nourishing me to grow, my motivation, the idealist personality not anyone else the closest one my father. These all mentors have not only taught me about what is right, but they also gave me big breaks.

My father is the best mentor in my life, he struggled very hard in his life. He is not from a well-educated background had a wish to become doctor but his family and elder brothers didn’t support him due to the ignorance. He has a desired to teach his children and make them educated persons of society, while keep perusing his dreams.

When I was entering in matriculation I have no idea which subjects select science or arts. My father motivate me he shared his story, he said I have no such opportunities and support that you have I used to go in fields and studied alone without any help and still passed my matriculation with good grades in the whole village, I am the only one who passed in first attempt. He explained that nothing is impossible you can do anything with the blessing of Allah Almighty just go ahead and do whatever you want to do and go in which field you have interest, So I selected science subjects and that was right decision.

My father have done very hard duty as he dropped us to school, college and university without complaining ever. He also faced adversity from his family why you are teaching your daughters as they are not meant to live with you forever. Living in a vast negativity I am the first one in my family who entered in a university level just because of my role model my father who gave me courage and wings to fly. My sister is doing MBBS from a leading university and fulfilling my father dream, he advised her in your career your first priority is to serve humanity.

Now everyone inspired from my father, appreciated him and ready to attain guidance about their children education from him. I am doing MS having spirit to serve the nation development by spreading the light of education everywhere.

He teaches me patience, humility, how to face the adversity, provide courage to see big dreams, he always advised me “to keep clam, keep motivated”. “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside you” so there is need to learn from anyone to whom you respect and admired. So the need to keep both humility and courage in order to excel in life…