“Small Acts of kindness”

Small acts of kindness can make us more supportive and helpful to others. Little efforts makes a huge difference so that the small acts of kindness. One should always be try to kind with other persons regardless of the situations, circumstances and conditions even with their enemies as well. we should carry out a random act of kindness without expecting from others any reward and gratitude, as small acts of kindness is worth more than grandest intention.

The intention of helping others will makes changes in ones personality in a positive way. It brings sense of belongingness with others and even it makes our enemies the best well wisher for us. We should do little acts of kindness not even with our friends, family members, colleagues and strangers but also with animals, birds and other species.

I just practices it by helping others not only human beings but the animals as well. I helped my mother daily in household work. One of my friend was feeling so demotivated and depressed, I helped her in assignment and motivated her that she can do this effectively and more efficiently as compared to her fellows. I also showed kindness to my younger brother regardless of his naughty behavior which irritates me a lot I lent him money for repairing his mobile phone.

On my way to university I gave my berth to an old lady in a bus, she gave me lots of prayers It was an awesome moment. I also showed kindness to animals Although I am scared of dogs something like having dog phobia but I did it with little puppies lived in an empty plot neared by my home. I was bring some food and water for them, they are eight and I felt more pleasurable when they jumped into food and water enjoyed it while playing with each other.

By practicing small acts of kindness we learned a lot about calmness and win more friends. To help others always gives you an inner satisfaction and peace. It was very joyful experience, although I am always try to be supportive with others but this experience seems little bit different, I really enjoyed it. We should do little act of kindness in order to take part in changing environment and brings more peace in world…

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