“The Journey and Learning lessons…

Learning is an opportunity which we can grasped from everywhere, the point is whether we identified the opportunity at right time or not. Amal academy is like a light in dark, I grasped this opportunity and learned so many new things which I never knew before.

Amal provides graduates the platform to excel in their careers. The way of teaching was out class, every online course teaches new things and provided informative knowledge. I usually felt curious to enroll in new courses in order to know what is new inside it, what I will learned from it.

“The journey is more important than destination” I enjoyed the whole journey and learned so many things till its destination…

To point out only a single lesson which I learned throughout the fellowship is difficult because I learned so much like: PASSENGER is the crux of being successful in interview, Mentorship, Humility, Kindness, Respect, going an extra mile, elevator pitch etc. Everything teaches me a lesson, but the single most important thing is kindness which is the basic root, pillar and key to success in every field of life.

Kindness is a broader term it not only means to be kind, it also includes helping others, supporting, goodwill, humility, gentleness, caring and optimism. Everything or every act has two aspects one is positive and other is negative It is up to us which one we opt.

By doing acts of kindness one can feel inner happiness and satisfaction. By showing kindness and respect to others they feel special. The greatest urge in human nature to feel important and we can make them feel important and special by treating them with kindness and helping them.

I can practice kindness by giving respect to others, helping the needy people, showing gratitude to everyone in my daily life. Showing gratitude doesn’t cost any more but it has long lasting impact and people can feel more happy and special in this way. We can do this by searching optimism in our daily life.

“Kindness is contagious but it is worth spreading”

Every day gives us a chance to change our life and bring affect to other’s lives, do good deeds, helped the needy, bring happiness in the world by doing little acts of kindness and the most important one be grateful for a blessed life to Allah Almighty. I would suggest readers to be kind and humble in order to win more hearts and being successful in life…

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