Dating through a screen!

Dating apps have taken over the dating world today. The most common way to find a relationship nowadays is through an app and by staring at your screen. Face-to-face conversations are dwindling and technology is determining the route to romance.

Dating apps are great and has definitely revolutionized the dating scenario. However there are pros and cons to this medium of communication that we so fondly call apps!

Lets start with the good. The pros:

  • It brings a lot of single people under one umbrella. The people who are looking for casual dating find casual dates, people looking for friends may find friends and people looking for serious relationships may find serious relationships. Most people you meet on apps are people you would not otherwise meet and so it gives you access to a wide range of people and that’s pretty valuable
  • Once you break up its pretty liberating to be on apps and just swipe through it. Makes you feel like there are a lot of people out there in the same boat and there is hope that you will find someone again and perhaps someone better. Makes you believe that love is around the corner.

All good things come to an end! Bringing to you the cons:

  • It has spoilt us all for choice and because of that nobody wants to settle down anymore. One bad strike and we are ready to leave and find someone else with lesser hassles. Once that someone does something unacceptable and we are ready to move on again. Nobody wants to invest anymore.
  • Sex is the cheapest available thing these days. It’s so easily available that it’s not special anymore. Everyone wants sex but nobody values it because it’s so easy. Nobody wants/needs to work hard for it. Tell a guy to wait for one month to sleep with you and he will either vanish on you then or vanish after sleeping with you. Woman do that too.
  • Heartbreaks are not a thing anymore. Nobody cares about hurting someone. People have become like machines. Just moving from person to the next at such a rapid speed that its disappointing. If you decide to put your heart on the line and invest in someone and they vanish, the pain is yours to deal with. Nobody cares and nobody wants to heal you. If you’re too difficult you wont have anyone but you to help you through it
  • Real love is not an emotion anymore. Its not even a word. It just fails to exist.
  • The internet dating scene has gone so far that real dating doesn’t exist. Only way to find someone is to be on apps. The going out to clubs and meeting people isn’t a thing anymore and this has created a vicious circle of acceptance and rejection which hurts genuine souls so much that they just shut their heart to avoid pain.
  • Genuine people more often than never get played with and its so hard to find a partner. Someone who is ready to invest and commit and love and believe in forever!

So despite of it bringing people together, it has created a world of heartless morons and that upsets me as much as hurts me but I cannot do anything but go with it hoping that someday and hopefully soon I will find someone who will be on the same page and we will write a love story that started from a dating app but moved to something better and more just because we both believed in putting our hearts on the line and believed in the good in people!