How Netflix does A/B Testing
Jessie Chen

After reading this I have now seen this pop up in almost every UX newsletter I am subscribed to. I feel I have to speak up about what has been shared here.

  1. I feel many people are making the assumption this is directly from the mouth of Netflix. Despite the fact Jessie has says it’s from a conference. This is because we remember things differently. So when you tell your friends and co-workers about this you may forget about the awesome person who shared this with you Jessie Chen
  2. Netflix does the obvious they use best practices for A/B testing. It’s as if no one who is reading this has ever done A/B testing before. (Which is possible.) There are far more robust resources to learn how to A/B test than a shared recap of a Netflix presentation. So I’ll share some of my favorite places to learn. ^_^

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