The topic I’m choosing is MLB which stands for Major League Baseball. Baseball has been my passion since I was about six years old and I have been playing the sport for about fourteen years now. The sport grew on me since little since I had some uncles play baseball in their time, though my dad didn’t really play the sport he was a fan of it. He would always play catch with me when I was small so he introduced me to the sport and I fell in love with it. I played in parked leagues, travel ball, high school, and continue playing it in college. Around the age of twelve I started to really understand the game and I started to see myself playing baseball until I was able to. Since then I’ve always had the dream to play in the MLB one day and that’s why I’m so passionate about it.

I know plenty about baseball but its more about the rules of playing it and famous players from the old and present years. What I would like to know more about MLB are the injuries that are frequently happening and also the use of drug to enhance their performance. I would like to answer questions like, what injuries are most frequently happening, what are they trying to do different to prevent these injuries, since when did the use of steroids or other drugs start, in what way do they help the player, what actions is the organization taking to prevent players from using them and how are they players being punished if they are caught. I would like to go more into depth on the topic of performance-enhancing drugs and just give an over-layer about the frequent injuries.

My topic entails the idea of professional baseball players using drugs to cheat their way into the MLB, which isn’t acceptable at all in any organization. Not only MLB players use these type of drugs but in every sport you can find athletes who have used it. I can narrow my topic by going towards the athletes who have been caught using these drugs, that way I can have interviews about them involving questions about their use of performance-enhancing drugs. Or I can also keep in kind of open where I talk about baseball athletes in general and just name some names that stand out such as Alex Rodriguez.

For the past couple of years, the topic of performance-enhancing drugs was seriously out there because of one person, Alex Rodriguez. He made this topic explode because in 2013 they punished him for using performance-enhancing drugs by suspending him for the whole 2014 baseball season. He wasn’t the only one caught but he’s one of the most recognized one out of all of them. He was the most recognized because he’s been one of the best baseball players in the past years and at one point he was the highest paid athlete in the MLB. There are plenty of sport websites where they talk about this such as, ESPN, sporting news, and MLB’s personal website. These are all credible sources and there should be other websites or blogs that talk about this but the three websites I mentioned are the ones that are the most popular.

The only issue I can think about is people thinking there shouldn’t be a problem with baseball athletes using these drugs but all athletes would think the opposite. They all know using anabolic steroids or human growth hormone is cheating their way to the top and that’s not acceptable by any baseball athlete. I would like to know why they think its acceptable for baseball athletes to use this drugs. Personally I think that this is a way of cheating to get the major leagues and that they should be punished for their actions but there are people who think the opposite of me.

People that should care about this are mostly athletes but also people who know the right and wrong from cheating. If you relate this to a student cheating on tests to pass the class with an A, you know he or she is doing wrong by cheating its way to get a high grade. It’s similar to baseball athletes who are cheating their way to the major leagues by using these performance-enhancing drugs. Athletes should care about this topic because they know the struggle of getting to the NHL, MLS, NBA, or the MLB. They have a better idea of the the work a person has to put in to make it their and sometimes they put all that work and they still don’t make it to the top. Other people should care because if they apply this to their morals, I think they can understand what baseball athletes are doing wrong by using performance-enhancing drugs. It’s very interesting how some athletes are finding other methods to get bigger and stronger in their sport they play and in the MLB which is the sport I’m targeting. They are doing this and people have no clue what they are doing or what steroids even are, so i think this will give me people more knowledge about drugs that enhance performance and how its illegal in the MLB.

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