College Survival Kit

It’s back-to-school time. As millions of students flock back to school, get ready to start another year of learning. Here at µMOTE, we know how stressful preparing for college can be. No worries! µMOTE is here to help you out. Take over the campus with this list we’ve compiled. Make getting ready for college and shopping for the coming school year both simple and smart.

An organizer. This is to keep track of assignments, a work schedule, due dates, and your ever-growing social calendar.

A water bottle. You’re going to be pulling plenty of all-nighters, and you’ll need to hydrate. Whether acing a test, or surviving a hard day at sports practice, keep hydrated to withstand anything thrown your way.

A laptop. A laptop is a definite must for taking notes, writing all of those papers — and let’s not forget, binge-watching all of your favorite Netflix shows.

A thumb drive. Take important files and data with you wherever you go. Access classwork and important papers, or music from anywhere.

A µMOTE. Save loads of time searching for your keys or phone. Never be late for class in search of anything again. You may have taken a dive into the laundry in high school in search of your wallet or keys, but in college (with the help of the µMOTE), those days are officially over.

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