Fly Away Home

To the internet of things and home security in the home of the future.

Last night the classic movie Fly Away Home was playing, a family drama which stars Anna Paquin. In the movie, she leads a flock of geese home for the winter by flying an aircraft alongside her father. The aircraft is ultralight, built with the bare essentials for flight, functioning extremely well for its purpose.

Making It Work

Now, there were a lot of components that needed to work together to make Anna Paquin and her father’s purpose for the long flight home work. It wasn’t only the home-built aircraft, it involved the seamless three-way communication system, the team on the ground, practice flights, and the security of their property.

The Internet of Things, likewise, has a lot of components needed for it to function.

For those who are new to the Internet of Things (or IOT for short), Wikipedia defines the technology as:

“the network of physical objects, devices, vehicles, buildings and other items which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.”

The Connected Smart Home

In the Land of Movies, everything just seems to work no matter how complicated it may seem in theory. In our smart homes, we want to connect all the objects in our lives, but the progress of the internet of things is slow and its user experience less than often enjoyable — frustrating even, and we all use at least one IoT device, the smartphones in our pockets.

That is why here in µMOTE, we are developing a single micro remote that ties together your IoT devices, and seamlessly controls every aspect of your smart home, keeps track of things, and ensures safety and security at home and in the workplace. It is packed with the sensors, wireless networks, and computing power to ensure you safely, securely, and smoothly fly home to the home of the future.