Making IoT Easy

Within the space of the next couple of years, there will be over 20 billion devices on the planet connected to the internet. Two-thirds of them alone consumer applications, with sensors collecting information from real physical objects in the world and uploading them into the internet.

How about you? How many devices do you have connected to the internet? You have a smartphone, a personal computer, a tablet, a smart TV or refrigerator. And yet, with all this technology, having them work together flawlessly can be quite frustrating. Technology is supposed to make things easier, right?

The Internet of Things has the capacity to transform every industry on our planet and to help billions of lives along the way. However, if we want to improve people’s lives, we first need to understand their needs.

µMOTE is a micro remote control — a tiny computer — that integrates all of your devices, and lets you stroll into the home of the future — and beyond. Combined with our upcoming gateways, µMOTE transforms objects into an immersive experience and enables you to operate them in a smart and connected world through both WiFi and Bluetooth. We even have a mobile app!

The Home of the Future

Now, what does the home of the future look like? Your room may recognize you, and tap into a cloud-based profile of your personal preferences, such as music, decor, lighting, and climate control. Did you have a grueling day at work? Your room will probably know based on the calendar app on your phone, and maybe even because of some bio sensors that detect stress via heart rate and blood pressure — switching to classical music. Your fridge may know more about your diet than your doctor!

Track, Measure, Control, or Alert

µMOTE tracks movement so your team members or proper authorities are alerted when things move when they shouldn’t, or stop moving when they should. If your bike or bag has been stolen, someone has fallen over and is injured, your parcel for delivery has been mishandled, or someone has simply entered the room or opened a door or window. It easily senses when you arrive home so it can dim the lights, play music or adjust air-conditioning. It can measure your exercise habits, and more!

Motion Sensors

There is a solution to having your devices work flawlessly. Whether you want to switch on the lights, measure stuff, or keep track of your belongings, µMOTE senses bumps, shaking and gestures, so when you move, it wirelessly transmits information, and instantly sends data back to you.


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